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About Agnes Vertes
Agnes Vertes is not only an award winning independent documentary filmmaker, but also she herself is a child survivor of the Holocaust in Budapest and president of Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut. .

Her productions have been recognized with the top award in the documentary category at the Telly Awards, the Aurora Awards, the Communicator Award and a silver medal at the New York Film Festival.

"Passport to Life" premiered at the Hungarian embassy in Washington, D.C. in March to mark the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary. The documentary was also translated to Italian and was featured at a ceremony honoring Archbishop Verolino in his native city for his courageous efforts to save Jews in Budapest. She has been honored at many Jewish Film Festivals from New York to Buenos Aires.

One out of Ten, which is the story of eight people from different countries who were children during the Shoah, is used as a teaching tool in schools from Connecticut to Hawaii.

Ms. Vertes is available as a speaker in schools, universities, religious and civic organizations about her documentaries or Holocaust topics, including her own riveting survival story with its many "serendipitous" events and righteous people who saved her life when so many others by her side perished. Contact Agnes Vertes

Survivors of the Holocaust become fewer in number every year. Soon there will not be any witnesses left. That is why I decided to record the extraordinary story of Judith, so future generations may learn where hate and prejudice may lead.
In the face of Nazi evil, help came from an unexpected yet determined source. Several diplomats, from five neutral countries, witnessed the horror occurring in Budapest and used their diplomatic status to save as many lives as they could.
For every one child who lived through the Holocaust, nine others did not. "One out of Ten" is a documentary that tells the stories of those few children who survived. more...


Light is sown for the righteous, and joy
for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97

AMV Documentaries is dedicated to helping preserve the memory of righteous individuals who courageously helped Jews and other victims of the Holocaust.
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